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For Private Sector

We offer smart solutions in parking management for companies administrating car parking spaces.

Set up and manage your parking space with ease

15 minutes to set up parking

Our software is really easy to use and adaptable for every market. Setting up street parking areas or parking lots takes just 15 minutes

Full service setting up

Hassle-free set up, our system has flexible options to control a wide range of national or international parking places. With our system you have an excellent real-time overview of all of your parking places in one place

Transparent payment structure

Our business structure is open, honest, and straightforward when we speak about revenue. Terms and conditions will be fairly regulated. We do not take prior investments and our revenue breakdown is transparent

Scalable software solutions for different needs

It doesn't matter if you want to service 10 or 10000 parking places, our platform is able to service them all. Fines are easily payable from the app and the option to challenge your ticket is also available

Manage permissions and access

Add specific permissions or special access to any of your parking lots (including free permits and residents)

Safety and extra revenue

Using a parking service provider creates an extra revenue option for places where parking used to be free, empty spaces and lots have huge potential. Furthermore, having an operator present means that their is extra security on-site

Offer your customers high-quality parking service

An easy-to-use app. All over the world

Our goal is simple, for our customers to use our app and parking software where ever they are in the world

No more paper tickets and receipts

Tired of throwing away parking tickets on a daily basis? With Carsleep, everything is done in the app, from parking information to an online receipt

Paying in their own currency, wherever they are

Finding a parking place is inconvenient enough, no need to make it more difficult with different currencies

No need to get out of your car

The days of finding a parking meter or booth are behind you. With Carsleep you don't even have to leave your car, just finish parking in the app

Interested in the platform?

Our sales team is more than happy to give you access to the demo site to get a sense of how powerful of a tool our platform is.