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Release Notes

  • Enhanced Fine Statistics: Improved statistics on fines to support the new discount feature for fine payments.
  • Streamlined Permits Menu: All permits features have been consolidated under a single menu to enhance user experience.
  • Emergency OTP Generation: Added a new emergency OTP generation function.
  • QR Code Support for Fines: QR code support has been added to the fine template.
  • Updated Stripe Library: The Stripe library on the web has been updated, making payments more convenient and now supporting Google Pay and Apple Pay.
  • New Mobile App Template Fields: Added new template fields to the Inspector mobile app.
  • Carsleep 2.0 is capable to operate virtually any off-street parking with selected ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) cameras and virtually any barrier – new version includes both start-stop, commercial permit, special permits operation of such parkings as well as manual interface for parking oiperator admin to operate barrier. New version includes necessary fields, features and functions to operate off-street parkings and selected equipment. Solution is developed that in case of power-off or Internet connectivity loss with Carsleep cloud barriers on affected parking will be automatically set to open mode.
  • For open-street parkings with ANPR camera added unique features optimising workflow for inspectors like notifcations, automatic number correction, history for selected car plate and more.
  • Specially design algorithm implemented for all cases when plate recognition was to external factor insufficient (valid for all ANPR controlled parkings).
  • CUBC controller based solution – the enry-point solution for off-street parkings now can operate off-street parking with multiply barriers (in initial release it was limited to 1 barrier per parking).
  • Parking admin is now able manually edit amount of issued fine to reflect specific cases and all such changes are logged.
  • As a part of solution mobile application as well as inspector applications were updated to supportnew features.
  • Detected bug fixes (e.g. plate photo upload from inspector app was not working properly in very limited cases) were fixed.

CUBC Firmware version: 2.0.6:

  • Added Dry contact support (6 inputs, 4 outputs).
  • Workmode can be configured by dip-switches.
  • Added 3 workmodes and 4 subworkmodes:
    – Work modes define the following setups: no sensors, 1 sensor, 2 sensors, 3 sensors. Different algorithms will be used to operate with each setup.
    – Sub-work modes are used to define the sensor checklist: vehicle presence, path clearance, safety loop. The availability depends on the sensor setup.
  • Internet connection supervisor updated.
  • Added new commands for CLI.
  • The emergency opening of the barrier has been improved
  • Improved photo uploading time in the InspectorCS application.
  • In POMS fixed render of metadata on control photos when issuing a fine.
  • A warning has been added to the Inspector CS mobile application if the car has received a fine within the last 24 hours (the number of hours is configured in POMS). This will help save time during the inspection.
  • Now the vehicle number input field does not save the number after checking in InspectorCS. So there is no need to remove it manually every time.
  • Improved stability and fine issuance performance of the InspectorCS application.
  • Parking history for the PARKING_INSPECTOR role is now available in the ParkMeter application.
  • Changes have been made to the Bulgarian translation for the ParkMeter application.
  • Added the ability to send a reminder about the need to pay a driver’s fine if we know the driver’s mobile number.
  • New features have been added to the ParkMeter application: it is now possible to start parking without a preset duration and then calculate the cost after stopping, and a parking history page has been added.
  • The statistics module has been improved. Added additional options that simplify calculations for Fine History, Revenue By Zone, Added number of fines with ref.number in Inspector Report, also Added the „Total amount” to the „Income by Zones” menu.
  • Added the ability to specify the name of the SMS sender in the operator profile settings.
  • Details of the Total Amount have been added to the Revenue by Zone.
  • In the Inspector Statistics menu, the Is Fine Candidate status is now displayed immediately after the initial inspection of the car by the inspector, without waiting for the fine to be issued.
  • Fixed Latvian translation in Parking Permits for individual permit detail page.
  • Added Latvian translation for SMS that notifies the driver about the expiration of the permit.
  • Inspector CS App was upgraded to the latest Android 13 library.
  • Carsleep App for drivers was upgraded to the latest Android 13 library.
  • Default field values have been added to the Parkmeter web application. By default, Type of car: Regular car. By default, Duration: Hours.
  • Automatic license plate recognition has been added to the Parkmeter web app.
  • The Open Street Map provider has been changed to a more reliable one.
  • Now the alpha name in SMS contains the name of the operator instead of Carsleep.
  • The text in the body of the SMS message has been changed and expanded when notifying the user that a parking permit has been received. Now it contains the car number and the name of all zones.
  • A new type of Kiosk has been added that allows the inspector to register parking on his own. To use this function, you must activate the Kiosk option in the Zone settings, then follow the link:
  • New variables have been added to the fine template to automatically calculate VAT.
  • Added the ability to re-print the penalty, for those cases when the first attempt to print failed. To re-print such a fine, go to the History menu and select the fine you are interested in.
  • The time until the deadline for paying the fine now start from the moment the fine was issued for Latvia region.
  • Added the ability to set the default language for service messages for the case when the driver is not registered in the mobile application.
  • Added the ability to issue permits for a duration of one hour.
  • The function of issuing permits through POMS has been redesigned: now one permit can contain permission for several zones.
  • The ability to simultaneously connect several SMS payment providers for one zone has been added.
  • Now in the inspector’s application it is possible to create a photo before starting to issue a fine for the Latvia region.
  • In the application of the inspector, it became possible to check the parking lots carried out through Europark for the Latvia region.
  • Changed the logic of applying parking reservations for off-streep parking. Now it works more correctly regarding the accounting of available parking spaces.
  • Added the ability to allow force fine issuance without of 5 min waiting for the Latvia region.
  • Added the ability to remotely open and hold the barrier in POMS
  • Additional statis was added to Fine CSV import that now contain: total rows in the file, successfully matched rows, non-matched rows.
  • Additional Latvian language translation for some messages was added.
  • Additional information about the free permit was displayed in the driver’s mobile application.
  • Added additional types of errors of Stripe.
  • Added option to select all zones in Parking Permit issuing feature.
  • In the inspector application, the ability to create photos in the range from 0 to 10, at the discretion of the inspector, has been added.
  • The period for pre-purchase of permits has been increased by more than 100 days.
  • Added ability to download fine template files in POMS.
  • The operator’s custom logo is now displayed in the Kiosk if it is launched via a Health Check link.
  • Minor changes have been made to the Latvian translation of the mobile application.
  • Now the correct error is displayed in Kiosks when trying to repark if the zone settings are set to prohibit reparking.
  • More information about the details of free permits is displayed on the permit display screen.
  • Issuing permits for off-street parking through a corporative users. 
  •  Automatic switching of interface languages for the Web portal based on browser language. 
  • Fix UUID error appears in an inspector app after inspector changes current user to another. 
  • Fixed a bug with not stopping parking through the Kiosks at the appointed time. 
  • Added the ability to issue free permits via POMS.
  • Integration with Mobilly (SMS payment provider in Latvia).
  • A new variable has been added to fine template.
  • Apple Pay style guidelines was implemented to Carsleep App to provide users with a more convenient use experience.
  • Changes have been made to the Bulgarian translation for the Inspector CS application.
  • Added the ability to issue fines with a delay of 5 minutes, to comply with the requirements of the Latvian legislation.
  • Added Latvian language support for mobile apps and driver portal. 
  • Added user interface for health checks for kiosks in POMS.
  • Added a user profile page to the mobile application. Now users can add or change their email in order to receive invoices directly in mobile application.
  • The UI/UX has been redesigned to add barriers both on the AC side and in the POMS.
  • Added support for payment via Apple Pay and Google Pay. Temporarily it works to replenish the wallet and purchase permits.
  • Added the ability to import fine payments from a CSV file separated by columns.
  • POMS and AC page load times have been reduced.
  • Refund calls were added for Stripe.
  • Allowed to use Bulgarian phone numbers in Carsleep App.
  • Push notifications for Android and iOS have been fixed. OneSignal has been updated to the current version. Crashes in the android version have been fixed.
  • The algorithm for creating fine photo time has been changed to Inspector CS.
  • Fixed iOS crashes when scanning license plate number in Inspector CS.
  • Fixed a bug with choosing the nearest parking lot when starting the Carsleep App.
  • Potential fix for detach similar payment card was implemented.
  • Fixed completing parking through the POMS with a negative balance.
  • Add new message codes from the barrier controller.
  • Issue with two cars from different directions was solved.
  • Bulgarian and Romanian translation for some massages was added.
  • Health Checks features for Kiosks were added. 
  • Barrier controller firmware update manager was added with remote flashing support and UI.  
  • Added authorization by phone not only with „+” but also with „00”
  • Allowed to use Latvian phone numbers in Carsleep App +371
  • Some links have been removed from Kiosks to prevent redirection to the login page.
  • Parking Operation Management System performance optimization. 
  • Now parking that lasts more than 2 days doesn’t disappear with the UI.
  • Added some restrictions for receiving SMS to prevent spam. 
  • Changes have been made to the process of displaying Terms of Use in the Carsleep mobile application.
  • Language switching issue was fixed in Carsleep mobile application. 
  • A function has been added that allows save the settings of the Kiosks after a reboot by generating a special URL that contains all the necessary settings to restore the status of the Kiosk. 
  • HealthCheck feature for Barriers was added. 
  • Correctly set true/false status in POMS for inspection statistics if the driver parked with Telia. 
  • Added information about the last parking before issuing a fine to the dispute, to simplify the decision on the fine. 
  • Bugfix for parking prolongation. 
  • Allow to add operator custom logo to Kiosks. 
  • Sending email notification for permits requests. 
  • Sending notifications to and-user about operator response to appeal the fine. 
  • Added possibility to stop off-street parking by operator. In this case, the end user will not be charged. 
  • Added possibility to stop on-street parking by operator. In this case, the end user will be charged. 
  • A description has been added to the Stripe if the end user pays a fine. The following data is transmitted: car license number, fine ref. number, fine ID, zone ID. 
  • Blocked request to receive SMS OTP for African countries, Russia, Uzbekistan, USA, Iraq, Iran. 
  • Added a config that allows quickly block or de-block receiving SMS OTP if necessary. 
  • SSL certificate auto updating fix. 
  • Increased warning display time in Kiosks. 
  • Extra filter for fine list was added:
    • filter by Inspector name.
    • filter by reference number.
  • In the import CSV file, the date and time columns have been separated for better data handling.
  • Now the Parking Operator can see in which exactly parking kiosk plate number was registered. 
  • Hot fix for CSV to prevent data losses. 

     1. Additional logic was implemented into the operation of the barrier:

  • Emergency opening of the barrier in the absence of the Internet.
  • Processing of events at the same time at the start of parking by cars that are on different sides of the barrier.
  • Introduced parking directions for barriers (loop C – Enter, B – Exit).
  • Added handling of the event when we lose Internet connection while driving through the barrier: when leaving the parking lot, such parking will be successfully completed, but if the car enters the parking lot, such parking will not be considered successfully started.
  • Added automatic restart of the board when running issue.
  • Added a command to remotely open the barrier and then hold it in the Open position until the command is active.
  • Board firmware update interface changed from Wi-Fi to Ethernet.
  • Reduced disconnect detection timeout


     2. A new interface with separate accesses has been introduced and is available at to provide Help Center staff a tool to manage barriers.


     3. Added a web console for manually sending commands to the barrier control board.


     4. Bulgarian and Romanian languages have been added to all Carsleep mobile apps.


      5. Hot fix for parking corporate clients via Web.


      6. Increased font for metadata on fines photos.


      7. Hotfix locked opening the barrier and retrying to open from the client.

  • Import data on paid fines from the bank now available directly from POMS.
  • Added possibility of emergency stop and start of parking in cases where communication with the barrier was lost.
  • New feature presented that automatic put metadata to the photo when inspector makes fines. The following information will be added: car number, parking address, date and time, GPS coordinates.
  • A script was ran that writes the specified metadata for photos taken earlier.
  • Hot fix for CSV to prevent data losses.
  • Increased token lifetime for mobile applications from 60 minutes to 1 month (SMS issue). For Web applications – from 30 minutes to 1 hour.
  • Added the function to import data on paid fines from the bank to POMS via CSV, Excel.
  • Removed the time limit during which fines could be paid.
  • Fixed the bug in the scheduler that caused the service to crash
  • Now, if there are no free spaces in parking lots with a barrier, parking will be prohibited.
  • A function has been added to the barrier control board that automatically opens the barrier in case of loss of communication with the Back-End (Electricity or Internet loss, Back-End connection issue).

     1. Kiosks and POMS

  • Improved stability of Kiosks. Removed error 500.
  • In the Kiosks, the field for entering the car plate number has been increased.
  • Introduced ban on zooming.
  • Fixed a bug that led to duplication of processes in POMS.
  • Fixed a bug that caused one of the processes to endlessly loop after a system restart and to occupy one processor core.
  • Removed the restriction that blocked the ability to pay fines after 14 days.


     2. Off-street parking (with barrier)

  • Added support for working with a barrier: the logic of working with induction loops, billing.
  • The barrier control gateway has been rewritten to Go.
  • Added a counter of cars that have passed the barrier in the gateway function.
  • Added start-stop parking feature for off-street parking.
  • Added Booking function.


     3. Updated Carsleep mobile app for iOS and Android.

  • Added Booking function.
  • Added support for start-stop parking for closed parking lots.
  • Added support for working with barriers.
  • UI/UX changes to support off-street parking features.