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The complete parking software

We offer smart solutions in parking management for companies administrating car parking spaces.
Meet Carsleep parking solution!

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We're here to rethink parking service management


For Public Sector

Our software is ideal for listing the hole parking infrastracture of a city or country just in a matter of minutes.

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For Private Sector

Our software is catered to be used in either open/public parking spaces or closed parking lots.

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For Individuals

Our app is really easy to use and we also offer round-the-clock support if you need any assistance.

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Change tarifs easily and in real time.

Get scalable software solutions.

Set up your parking lot in 15 minutes.

Manage permissions.

Get full-service setting up.

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Our sales team is more than happy yo give you access to the demo site to get a sense of how powerful of a tool our platform is.