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The complete parking software

Carsleep parking system is a cloud-based parking management solution on a rental basis

We are here to make the parking management process more convenient


Parking solution for municipalities

Carsleep parking software is perfect for creating parking lot infrastructure throughout the city/town or country in minutes.

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Parking solution for business

Carsleep parking software is intended for 24-hour on-street and off-street parking lots.

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Parking solution for users

Carsleep app is really easy to use, and if you need help, we offer 24/7 support

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Parking lots types

On-street parking lot

This type of parking lots involves the placement of cars at a designated location, while access to such a parking lot is not limited. Any driver can enter the parking lot and start parking a car. At the same time, the control of the rights to park a car at this type of parking lot will be exercised by the inspector with the use of the special InspectorCS app

How does it work?

Off-street parking lot with auto barrier

This type of parking lot involves the organization of a parking area with a limited territory and a pass-entry system through the barrier. In this case, the parking rights inspection function is not required, since the car cannot leave the parking area until the driver pays for the parking service

How does it work?

Changing prices and tariffs in real time

Scalable software solution for different needs

Parking arrangement in 20 minutes

Permission and access management

Full service upon joining

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