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About Carsleep

We offer smart solutions in parking management for companies administrating car parking spaces.

Starting in 2018, we just wanted to make parking easier. Today, it is our mission to power smart mobility solutions for every parking provider, every driver and vehicle.

In a couple of years we have gone from an idea to a platform offering innovative solutions for parking providers. All this to make sure the process runs smoothly and the customers can get the best possible experience.

On a larger scale, our technology helps businesses, operators and cities with parking administration, planning and management. What we actually do is make urban life easier – one parking spot at a time.

Parking is an unavoidably high-friction experience, whether it involves circling a block, hunting for an elusive curbside opening, or rushing to safely vacate your coveted space as an impatient fellow driver looms in your rearview mirror.  It’s the price of getting in your car.

Nowadays however, the parking experience is the next aspect of modern life that will be upended by new technologies and business models. As the industry is already changing with the emergence of autonomous cars and smart parking structures, it is time for the industry to become more innovative and consumer-friendly.

Carsleep’s innovative technology helps people to easily find and pay for parking on their mobile devices. People can use our solutions to quickly pay for street and garage parking without having to use a meter or kiosk. GPS helps to find the closest parking space nearby, which suites your needs and price range.

Our software is easily adaptable for all kinds of private and public parking places, a new structure can be up and running in less than 10 minutes. Our team offers round-the-clock support and the software itself is extremely user friendly.

We are growing – we might not be everywhere yet, but our plan is to bring mobile parking to everyone, one city at a time.

As our team members have worked in global companies, we have a great understanding of local markets and customers’ needs.

The Core Values

Giving the best customer experience

Our goal is simple: create raving fans. From our app and online tools to our customer service team.

Having mutual trust in one-another

Relationships are built on trust, not tricks. We always want to win, but only if we can win the right way.

Play Well with Others

We are just one piece of the puzzle; we must be able to connect with the other pieces to realize our vision. We pride ourselves on being a partner that collaborates with everyone and is easy to work with.

No bullshit

We don’t like beating around the bush – we prioritise simplicity in everything we do. Our flat company structure allows us to avoid everything overly corporate by focusing on our strengths instead of bureaucracy.

Never satisfied

We push you to be better and allow you to push us out of our comfort zone. We are never satisfied with mediocrity and know that individual growth is the basis for great achievements.

The Team Behind Carsleep

Our team consists of bright collaborative people from all kinds of  different backgrounds. We have  experience in working for global companies.

Being a startup makes us agile and we can easily adjust our strategy and product depending on the need of the market.

Although our parking management software is easy-to-use, we offer round the clock customer service catered to your needs.

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Interested in the platform?

Our sales team is more than happy to give you access to the demo site to get a sense of how powerful of a tool our platform is.