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Parking management system Carsleep

Carsleep solves the problem of finding a parking lot in a few clicks.

Pay for parking in any country and any currency from your mobile phone.

We are one of a very few parking managers that offer multi-currency agile ‘global’ solution. With Carsleep you can park as locals do.  

Our solution applies intuitive design  and  is easy  to  handle.​ After registering in the system, you can choose the nearest parking lot within Carsleep parking network. You can review parking rates right in the app before entering the parking lot.
No need to get out of your car or carry cash to pay for a parking space. To avoid overpayment, you set the parking time limit by yourself.
You can assign different roles for people in your organization to manage your business effectively.
We provide the most secure payment system access possible and do not collect your personal data.


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