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Automatic control system
ANPR cameras and barriers

What information do the cameras read:

  • Car number
  • Check-in and check-out times from the parking lot

The hardware set includes:

  • At least two ANPR cameras*
  • Switch with PoE*
  • Barrier

* You can discuss with Carsleep expert the possibility of installing additional equipment in accordance with the characteristics of your parking area (number of entries and exits)

Automatic Parking Control

One of the main purposes of this type of parking is the full automation of Off-Street parking lots using barriers and ANPR cameras. All processes take place automatically, and after setting the conditions of the parking zone, no additional actions are required on the part of both the operator and the driver. Now Operator desn’t need to organize the work of staff in this parking area, Carsleep system provides for automatic registration of the start and finish of parking for cars, it is also possible to pay both through the application and in other ways.

Operator Benefits :

A comprehensive automatic solution for organizing an Off-Street parking lot using a barriers
Organization of payment for the service through the application or in other ways
Full control and statistics of your parking business in real-time
Ability to manage different types of parking lots using the Carsleep parking management system
Simplicity work
  1. Automatic Recognition car plate Number in entrance
  2. Open Barrier
  3. Carsleep System starts parking
  4. Billing time automatic starts
  5. Payment by different ways
  6. Automatic Recognition car plate Number in exit
  7. Open Barrier
Entrance to the parking lot

A driver goes to the parking lot with ANPR cameras and a barrier. When entering, the ANPR camera automatically recognizes the license plate of the car and transmits the data to the Carsleep system and at the same time opens the barrier. The Carsleep system starts the parking process automatically, without additional action on the part of the driver. The driver leaves the car for a certain time set by the parking operator for this zone (for example, 1 hour of free time).

Leaving the parking lot
  1. When the driver decides to finish parking, driver needs to open the Carsleep application and click the "Stop parking" button
  2. the system will provide information about the cost of the service and offer to pay this amount
  3. The driver can pay for the service in any of the proposed ways, which are configured in this parking zone. After that, driver needs to exit the parking area, where the ANPR camera automatically recognizes the number of the car and transmits the data to the Carsleep system
  4. The system verifies the data and automatically opens the barrier in case of a paid service

The Carsleep parking management system gives Operators the ability to flexibly adjust fares and permits regardless of the time of day and day of the week. Manage your parking space from the comfort of your office. The driver receives the most comfortable and understandble algorithm of actions when entering and leaving the parking lot.

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