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Parking management solution Carsleep

tailored for municipalities, that want to create a better control over their parking territories, regardless of the size of the parking area or the number of parking lots.

Our goal

is to organize the most convenient parking for any customers from any country and help them generate a new income. Carsleep solution is perfect for organizing large, medium and small size parking lots with the widest functionality.

  • We offer ‘Pay-per-use' model - no upfront investments in any IT infrastructure or personnel required. Instant access and up-to-date revenue overview​.
  • SaaS model could be operated anytime, ​with any currency, any language, stay compliable to any specific local legislation. The cloud solution also allows to connect any new parking spaces to Carsleep parking system.
  • We offer 24/7 agile tariffs for any type of vehicle, as well as the ability to schedule tariff changes depending on the day of the week, holidays, or local regulations.
  • Service's Fines Database. The possibility to interact with the client online 24x7 in case of disputes over the fine legality.
Carsleep app
  • Intuitive design. The system can be up and running in less than 20 mins.
  • Transaction tracking system. Carsleep allows you to track all actions and events online: fines, the work of inspectors and system administrators. We keep the record of the changes.
  • Residential parking lots. The possibility of issuing free permits and special passes to residents.
  • Parking permits registry. A resident can submit a request and issue a permit online.

Сarsleep parking management system

Helps to get a better control over the administrated city streets, shopping centers, airports, train stations, parks and residential complexes. A well-organized urban infrastructure makes traffic safer, helps to combat traffic jams and relieve stress on the roads, and subsequently, improve the city's living environment.

On top:

Reporting in the Carsleep system is easy. Fiscal documents are processed automatically and displayed in a language convenient for the client.
Payments between the operator and the client of the parking are also carried out automatically, which saves your time and resources.
Carsleep allows to optimize urban area, effectively manage city infrastructure, provides a guaranteed income and support local businesses.
Eco-friendly document flow. We do not use paper documents or cash. All processes are automated and carried out electronically.


parking management system. Re-invent parking.