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Carsleep parking system.

We offer agile ‘one-stop’ solution that perfectly works both on the side of the parking operator and local car-owners.

Carsleep parking system

‘Pay-per-use' cloud-based model with no upfront investment in any IT infrastructure or personnel
Software as a Service model that could be operated anytime, with any currency, any language, compliable to any specific local legislation
Instant access and up-to-date revenue overview
Carsleep app

source of income

Carsleep offers extra revenue for your business premises. You monetize your space, gain control over business processes, and win loyalty of your customers.


Carsleep you can quickly and easily organize parking space near business and shopping centers, gas station networks, airports and train stations. Each of the parking areas within the parking network might be using different tariffs, currencies and multiple management systems. The entire network management will remain transparent.


Carsleep parking space management solution

creates a better control over the parking space, improved social benefits for locals, money inflow, and the opportunity to up-scale your business effectively from just a few to hundred thousand parking spaces, and down-scale the number, if needed.   You pay for the use of the system based on the income you received.


works in different countries,could be operated anytime, with any currency, any language,compliable to any specific local legislation.

Carsleep supports different billing systems. Parking via the app will allow your customers to pay for parking, residence permits and fines at the same platform.
Transparent management of the parking network: up-to-date monitoring of income, tracking the work of inspectors, payment of fines, etc.
Schedule the change in tariffication, depending on the time of day, day of the week or holidays.
We are fully GDPR (European General Data Protection Regulation) compliant. We set up appropriate processes to manage and protect personal data. 

Parking management system Carsleep.

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