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Friequently asked questions

  • What is Carsleep?

    At Carsleep, we offer smart solutions in parking management for companies administrating car parking spaces. Carsleep’s innovative technology helps people to easily find and pay for parking on their mobile devices. People can use our solutions to quickly pay for street and garage parking without having to use a meter or kiosk. GPS helps to find the closest parking space nearby, which suites your needs and price range.

  • How much money can I make renting out my spot?

    Depends on the location.

    Example 1. Let’s say your parking spot is located in the Tallinn city center and you rent it out each day for 3 hours. The indicative revenue is 1400€ / year.

  • How can I see my earnings and how can I withdraw it?

    We’ll set up an account for you, where you can view the parking session in detail and see how much you’ve earned. We pay the previous months earnings on a certain date of each month.

  • How to create a parking zone group in our system?

    Video guide

    1. Please contact us at  to create a new account. 
    2. Next, create a parking ZONE GROUP. Choose ZONE GROUPS from the left-hand side menu. 
    3. Click on CREATE NEW. 
    4. Please choose the REGION of your parking lot. 
    5. Choose the NAME of your parking zone group. 
    6. Select what kind of vehicles you want to grant access to your parking lot. 
    7. Please adjust your inspection settings and the period of issued fines, for example 24 hours. 
    8. You can set a reminder for the intended time of the departure. You can choose a DEFAULT PARKING TIME LIMIT. 
    9. Choose when you want to send out a notification (also in minutes). For example, 15 minutes before the expiration of the parking. 
    10. Choose your SINGLE FINE PERIOD, this has to be in hours (it basically means how long you have to wait to issue a new fine). 
    11. Set a DESCRIPTION for your parking zone group (visible to your customers). 
    12. Set up a TARIFF PLAN.  
    13. A tariff plan can be set HOURLY (parking price per hour), PER STEP (you can add a price for a specific duration) and can be EXTENDED (multiple options are possible for one cycle). 
    14. Next, you have to create a DAY PLAN. Normally it is used for parking lots which offer different rates for working days and weekends. Please select the appropriate day plan for each day of the week. 
    15. Click on CREATE button. Congrats! Your parking zone group goes online. 
  • How to list your parking lot on our system?

    Video guide

    1. To start off click on ZONES from the left-hand side of the menu. 
    2. Click on CREATE NEW ZONE. 
    3. Choose a REGION where you want to set up your lot. 
    4. Please insert your ZONE CODE. 
    5. Choose the ZONE GROUP you have created earlier. 
    6. Enter the ADDRESS of your parking lot. 
    7. Choose the TYPE of parking you provide. 
    8. Choose your payment method. 
    9. Insert the number of the parking spaces. 
    10. Choose START-STOP PARKING. 
    11. Choose whether you have an EXTERNAL PARKING SYSTEM PROVIDER (if yes, please type the name of the provider and the parking lot code). 
    12. Add a public DESCRIPTION for your parking (must also be in English). It will appear in the pop-up notification on the map when you hover over a location and click on it.  
    13. If you use kiosks, please add them to the list.   
    14. If everything is filled out, click next.  
    15. Choose the FINE TYPE and FINE REASON.  
    16. The next step would be to click on the map section where your parking is located.  
    17. Zoom in on your address and choose the toolbar from the left-hand side to draw the exact image of your parking lot. 
    18. After drawing click on UPDATE and go back to the general page. 
    19. Click the SUBZONE button. You must specify the name and address of the SUBZONE in the pop-up menu.  
    20. Use this feature to divide your parking space into sections if needed. Even if you do not plan to separate the parking lot, add one conditional border, for example, along the perimeter of the parking lot.  
    21. Scroll down and select the activity dates (the start time and, if necessary, the end date of the zone).  
    22. Specify the publication time of the parking zone. Tick the PUBLISH ZONE button. Congrats! You are all set.