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Carsleep Universal Barrier Controller

Turn your barrier into smart parking

Carsleep Universal Barrier Controller

CUBC 001.24 will give you the opportunity to automate the operation of your parking lot, considering the specifics of this parking zone.

Universal controller meets requirement for installation on all types of barriers. By connecting the controller, you gain access to the system and its benefits.

Quick start
for an affordable price

  • Includes 1 controller, 2 infrared sensors and WiFi antenna
  • Suitable for any type of barrier


  • Access and billing
  • Control from any smartphone

The versatility and unique design of this device will allow you to combine different types of barriers in your parking lot into a system, which is very convenient and does not require additional costs for the purchase of new barriers.

Using CUBC 001.24 you get access to flexible system settings, tariffs and billing.

Easy way to control your parkings

Easy install to barrier
CUBC: 1 controller, 2 infrared sensors and WiFi antenna
Connected to the system
After installing CUBC, connect to the Carsleep app and get new updates for free
Manage parking online
Set varied rates anytime, system enforces your policies automatically
Manage finances
Serve international customers with Carsleep app in their language and currency (supports 135+ currencies)
Modern solution
for your parking
  1. Carsleep system
    Integrate zones with controller with payments via cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, SMS and etc.
  2. Carsleep over the world
    Use the controller and system anywhere in the world, use the language and currency of your country
  3. Carsleep flexible management
    Set up tariffs for any time and day of the week, use analitics for improve your parking Business
  4. Carsleep eco-friendly
    All operations are paper-free. Invoices arrives via email and any customer can request or purchase parking permit as per your policy

Turn your existing barrier into modern system including billing

Price starts from

*recommended resale price