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Continuous system improvements

Written by Yekaterina

From the launch of Carsleep we committed to add regulary new features and we are happy that during last several months unique and highly demanded features were added.  As world is changing towards customer centric digital solutions we have added Apple Pay & Google Pay for our drivers application.

You can now make payments virtually on the fly.  

For the growing market of off-street parking Carsleep added possibility to reserve parking space for selected timeframe (option available for all operators which decide to enable this feature on their parking areas for a fee or free of charge), ability to control all barriers and parking kiosks and their status so that resposible person can drive majority of tasks remotelystarting from remote firmware upgrade of barriers and ending with automatic notifications in case of kiosk or barrier lost connectity of even electricity! And as for any reliable solution Carsleep supports journaling of such events and in case of restore of connectityit will be fully back operational without manual intervention.  You can always find more information on detailed technical features in our release notes on

We committed to improve operational excellency as well and as part of this we have seriously optimised launching time of our driver applications so it will up and running in a matter of several seconds while brining you to latest status of available parking areas nearby – on-street or off-street ones with ability to start either start-stop parking or purchase permission for a fixed period of time if local operator enables such option. 

As Carsleep is expaninding we have added support for Bulgaria and Romania meaning that our new customers in that countries can use localised versions of applications where we implenented basic requirements of our customers in Bulgaria & Romania inluding but not limited to new format of mobile phone registration starting with 00.