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Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Written by Ian Leman

Carsleep recently joined Estonia’s most influential network of entrepreneurs, the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Our goal is to use Estonia’s oldest and largest business organisation as one of the channels for finding partners abroad for projects in order to bring our mobile parking software to new markets.

As a mobile parking software service provider, it is important that we are recognised through the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry as a reliable company that offers innovative and flexible solutions to customers all over the world.

Being a member of the Chamber gives our people the opportunity to improve themselves in various fields in order to provide even better and more versatile service to their clients.

We are proud that there is such a good organisation in Estonia, which deals with the activation of communication between companies in different fields.

What is the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry?

The Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is Estonia’s largest and most influential organisation representing entrepreneurs in Estonia, operating for more than 94 years. The Chamber has nearly 3,500 members, most of whom are small and medium-sized enterprises. The members of the Chamber of Commerce account for more than 40 percent of the total net turnover of Estonian companies, nearly 40 percent of net profit and pay more than 40 percent of state taxes.

Membership of the Chamber of Commerce is voluntary. The joint organisation brings together companies that want to have a say and contribute to a business-friendly economic environment, and those that benefit from the practical services and business information provided by the Chamber.

The aim of the Chamber is to promote Estonian entrepreneurship and contribute to the creation and maintenance of a business-friendly economic environment. Our mission is to represent and protect the common interests of entrepreneurs. As a non-governmental and apolitical organisation, we can have a say on issues that are important to entrepreneurs.

The Chamber of Commerce is an all-Estonian organisation whose regional activities are active and take into account and satisfy the needs of local members. The regional offices of the Chamber of Commerce are located in Tartu, Pärnu, Jõhvi and Kuressaare.

In addition to representing the interests of entrepreneurs, we offer a number of practical business services, organise trainings, contact trips and receive business delegations from different countries. We want to contribute to the success and development of Estonian companies both at home and abroad.