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Expanding the functionality of the Carsleep parking management system. Virtual kiosk.

Written by Yekaterina

Have you ever wondered how to simplify the parking payment process for your customers? Many people prefer to pay in cash, but it is not always possible to find the nearest terminal or cash desk. In addition, in some cases, customers may not know the exact price of parking or may not have a bank card or a phone with an NFC module with them. To solve these problems, we developed a virtual kiosk – a new service from Carsleep that allows you to register a car number, time and payment for parking in cash to the inspector or a representative of the parking operator.

The virtual kiosk is a convenient and secure way to register and control cash parking payment. All you have to do is find a representative, give your car number and pay the parking service in cash. The operator’s representative will enter the data into the system, accept the cash payment and issue you a fiscal document/invoice/ confirming the payment.

The virtual kiosk is not only a convenience for customers, but also an advantage for parking operators. With this service, you can attract more customers, increase revenue and reduce costs. The virtual kiosk allows you to save on maintenance and updating of terminals and machines. You will also be able to receive up-to-date parking usage statistics and analyze customer payment preferences.

We hope you will appreciate the benefits of this new service and take advantage of it soon.