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How to handle your parking ticket

Written by Ian Leman

Tips and tricks from Carsleep on how to handle your parking ticket

Car parking ticket

There’s nothing like coming back to your car after a fun night out, only to find that you’ve overstayed your time, parked in the wrong zone, or been found guilty of a host of other similar offences.

If you get a parking ticket, don’t stress. These tips and tricks can help you successfully navigate this unexpected situation with ease.

1. Move Your Vehicle

Don’t follow the example of some drivers who decide to “get their money’s worth” when they’re issued a parking ticket. As soon as you find that slip of paper, the responsible next step is to take the citation out of your windshield and move your car as quickly as possible.

Failing to do so could mean incurring additional fines and penalties on top of what you already owe, so act swiftly and carefully.

2. Find Payment Details

Once you’re in a safe place and no longer driving, take a look at the payment information listed on your ticket.

The ticket will also contain the address to which you’ll send in your payment.

3. Contact Officials to Dispute

Do you have any reason to dispute your parking ticket? For instance, perhaps you can prove that your meter was broken and you thought you had more time than you did.

In this case, contact the officials listed on the ticket to explain your case. Remember to stay calm and respectful, and clearly state all of the surrounding details. They might require you to take photographic evidence and record your information in writing.

4. Pay As Soon as Possible

You might be tempted to let that little slip go unpaid. It’s not as serious as an actual traffic ticket, right?

In reality, failing to pay your parking ticket can have more serious consequences than you might realise, especially if you’re a repeat offender. For instance, many cities and parking operators will place a “boot” or large metal cap onto one of your wheels if they go to issue a parking ticket and find that you have a backlog of unpaid citations.

Removing this boot is no easy feat, and you’ll have to pay your balance in full before it comes off. The bottom line? It’s easier, cheaper, and less cumbersome in the long run to pay upfront the first time.