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Importing Bank Statements into Carsleep Parking Management System

Written by Vladimir Repka

The Carsleep team is always attentive to the wishes of its customers and analyzes requests and suggestions in order to improve the functionality of the parking management system. One of these areas for improvement was the expansion of the functionality of the Carsleep system, which allows you to import bank statements in CSV format and automatically upload data to the system. Now the status of payment of fines is updated automatically and saves the time of the Parking Operator. This improvement in system functionality will increase the satisfaction of your customers due to the absence of manual operations.

We are grateful to our customers for the suggestions sent, we appreciate your opinion, and our team will continue to work on continuous improvements to the Carsleep parking management system. We work every day to make it convenient and intuitive for you to use the Carsleep system. The new release, which is available for free to all Carsleep customers, has also improved the functionality of working with fines and the operation of the mobile application.