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Off-Street parking solution for apartment associations

Written by Maria

We are glad to inform you that from July 2022, Carsleep will start selling the CAPS Basic Off-Street parking management system, which is the most suitable for organizing Off-Street parking for apartment associations. The Carsleep CAPS Basic  is the automatic parking management system is a cloud-based solution and we offer the system under a Pay-per-Use method. You do not need to think about the organization of IT infrastructure, selection,purchase and installation of a barrier, Carsleep offers a turnkey solution on a rental basis. 

Off-Street parking means a complete solution including a barrier and software installed on Carsleep servers. Residents of the association and their guests appreciate the convenience of using the barrier through the mobile application.The intuitive and user-friendly interface of the application will allow your customers to easily park in the parking lot of your apartment association. Using our Carsleep parking management system, you as an operator can organize your parking lot in minutes, enter resident data into the system, issue and revoke permits for residents, monitor occupancy statistics and make decisions to optimize parking performance. In addition, you get a complete solution including installation and maintenance of the system and you do not need an initial investment – everything is based on a monthly (annual, quarterly) subscription. The system will allow you to manage access to the parking area of ​​your apartment association, and you can easily create a budget for parking services and include the cost of the service for each tenant who uses the service on account of communal bills. You can also streamline parking and allocate several places for guests who will pay for the parking service by the minute (hourly). 

Manage access to your parking lot remotely from your office, Carsleep team will provide support 24/7. 

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