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Carsleep 2.0 What’s news: Parking Management with Advanced Technology

Written by Yekaterina

The parking management industry is witnessing a significant transformation with the introduction of Carsleep 2.0, a state-of-the-art system designed to optimize on-street and off-street parking facilities. This latest iteration boasts a suite of advanced features that promise to streamline operations and enhance user experience.

At the heart of Carsleep 2.0 lies the integration of select ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) cameras, which work in tandem with various barries. This synergy enables the system to perform a range of functions, from start-stop operations to managing commercial and special permits. Moreover, an intuitive manual interface provides administrators with direct control over barrier mechanisms.

One of the standout features of Carsleep 2.0 is its resilience. The system is engineered to maintain functionality during power outages or internet disruptions. Thanks to the Carsleep cloud’s intelligent protocol, barriers automatically switch to an open mode, ensuring that access remains uninterrupted.

The expansion of Carsleep 2.0’s capabilities to open-street parking is a game-changer for parking inspectors. The system now delivers real-time notifications, boasts an automatic number plate correction feature, and maintains a detailed history log for each vehicle plate, thereby boosting operational efficiency.

A newly developed algorithm enhances the system’s reliability, providing accurate plate recognition even under challenging conditions. This robust feature is now a standard across all ANPR-monitored parking spaces, ensuring consistency and reliability.

Scaling up, the CUBC controller-based solution, previously limited to single-barrier operations, now supports multiple barriers. This scalability reflects the system’s evolution and its ability to adapt to growing parking management needs.

Administrators benefit from increased autonomy with the ability to manually adjust fines based on specific circumstances. All adjustments are recorded meticulously, promoting transparency and accountability.

Complementing these technological advancements, the mobile and inspector applications have been updated to align with the new features, creating a seamless ecosystem. Additionally, the development team has addressed previously identified bugs, enhancing the overall stability and performance of the system.

Carsleep 2.0 is poised to redefine the landscape of parking management, offering a versatile, reliable, and user-friendly solution that caters to the dynamic demands of modern urban environments. Carsleep parking management system offers the comprehensive solution for parking operators, providing a cloud-based platform that simplifies the management of both on-street and off-street parking lots any types. Carsleep 2.0 is set to become the benchmark for parking systems worldwide.